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CATACLYSM is a fast and frantic local multiplayer arena game (in the vein of Towerfall, Nidhogg, or Samurai Gunn) where you and a friend take control of a couple of cats with particularly volatile attitudes, and blast through each others' nine lives with a variety of unique bombs, all while trying to maintain your footing as the terrain is gradually demolished. Players with platforming skills will be at a serious advantage here.

Your standard yarn bombs are dangerous, but you can make yourself even more deadly by snatching a crate containing one of the game's power-up, including floating remote bombs that explode on command, fast-flying missiles, homing ghost bombs, and more. Or, you can go in for a close-quarters scratch attack if you're feeling bold. Remember, if you can reach them, they can reach you!


- 2-player local explosive cat action

- Destructible tile-based terrain

- 12 unique stages, each with an alternate "REMIX" version (24 stages total)

- 7 different bomb types including the standard "yarn bomb" and six power-ups

- Every type of attack can be turned against you in one way or another

- Earn one of many awards based on your performance at the end of the match

- Authentic cat vocalizations that were definitely not produced by a grown man in front of his laptop in the middle of the night


- "Five Stories" (and REMIX): corridors widened by 1-block (except bottom level)

- "Five Stories" (and REMIX): middle crate may be Remote or Sticky instead of Remote or Missile

- "Strawberry Cake REMIX": 1x2 respawn walls added to lower level

- Nothing kills you once the game is over

- Jump height increased! You can clear four blocks instead of just three now! If you find that you can't, that's a problem related to the frame-rate. I've tried to fix it before, but it's... complicated. With the quality setting options limited, there shouldn't be an issue unless your computer is significantly worse than mine (which is already pretty bad).

- "High Ground" award requires a little more time spent high above the other player

check my devlogs for info on previous updates


You will need two game controllers to play this game.

Initially, I used Dualshock3 controllers with the betterDS3 tool, but I've switched to Dualshock4s more recently, using DS4Windows. I assume that Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers will work, but I have not had the opportunity to test them. Check the attached README.txt file if you need help with setting up your controllers.

Note: While the game is exclusively two-player, you can use the spacebar to activate player 2 during the match start sequence if you just want to see how the game feels.

MAC USERS: I have included a MAC build of the game, but as I don't have access to a MAC myself, this version has not been tested. If you download this version, please leave a comment to let me know if you run into any issues.

LINUX USERS: Like the MAC build, I'm uploading this before testing it myself as I'm not certain I'll be able to get Linux working on my laptop. I'm assuming that it should just work as Unity only requires me to choose "Linux" from a drop-down menu before making a build, however if you happen to download this before I get a chance to test it, please let me know how it goes. I will be testing this a.s.a.p., and I'll update the description here once I'm done.

If you encounter any problems with playing CATACLYSM, or you'd like to provide feedback, please contact me at cataclysm@moonjellygames.com or just leave a comment down below.

The game is free for you to download, and if you enjoy it please consider donating.  <3


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Any chance of a Linux build?

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Hey, Liam. Thanks for your interest in my game.

I'm not sure if you're familiar with Unity, but it makes building for different platforms super easy. The only thing is I don't use Linux and I'm not 100% confident I'll be able to get it running, or troubleshoot issues that may pop up in that build specifically (if there happen to be any).

That said, I've gone ahead and uploaded a Linux build anyways. I'm expecting that it will just work, but I'm going to try to get Linux going for myself right now so I can try it out.

- Rob


Thanks a lot! It seems to work quite nicely, the only issue is when in fullscreen it's not quite correct as there's a space at the top of the screen that's blank, but apart from that it seems okay :D

Thanks for letting me know.  I'll see what I can do about the blank space problem.  

FYI...I downloaded the mac build and it did not work. (as stated earlier you cannot test the build) 
There are only three files in the mac version. Application, license.txt, and readme.txt 

That's very strange, as when I download it myself, I have to two text files and a folder called CATACLYSM.app which contains everything needed (including the actual .app file). I suspect that this is a problem with the name that Unity gave to the folder when I made the build. I've renamed the folder to simply "CATACLYSM" and re-uploaded.

Thank you for letting me know though! I'm going to look into renting a MAC book from the library or something so I can try it out myself.